My Mom Taught Me How to Be a Dad

by Isaac Irvine

For me, Father’s Day includes honoring a very special person in my life — my mom.

I was raised by a single mother growing up, so I always loved celebrating Father’s Day and giving my mom a card. She was an amazing parent. She even learned how to tie a fish hook without YouTube so she could take me fishing.

Fast forward and here I am with kids of my own. I have pictures of my boys and I pushing a lawnmower with my crocs. I feel like I really nailed it. Cool level achievement unlocked!

There isn’t a greater feeling than walking through the door and hearing “DAD!!!!” yelled at the top of their little lungs. Or hearing the patter of tiny feet scrambling to be the first one to give me a hug. It’s pure.

And the feeling of being a dad is unreal. I felt it when I taught my boys how to cast their first fishing line. Just seeing their faces light up and hearing, “I think I got one!” is something I’ll never forget. Lucky for me, I had YouTube to show me how to tie the hook knot.

So for me, celebrating Father’s Day is important. It’s a time for me to think back and reflect on what it means to be a dad.

Isaac has worked at GoDaddy since 2007 and is based in Gilbert, AZ. He’s one of our phenomenal humans working at GoDaddy. #GoDaddyLife #GoDaddyBrave

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