Never Be Afraid to Start Over

by Mike Hathcote

“Never be afraid to start over.” This is a phrase that I have come to embrace over the last few years.

In 2008, I was in a completely different career. I was married, living in Denver, managing a chain of indoor skateparks all over the country for ESPN X Games, which was my dream job since I’ve been a lifelong competitive skateboarder. I thought I had it made…till November.

In the span of three weeks, I lost everything that I had come to love — my marriage, my job and a 14-year-old pet. At the same time, I also had the first of what would become three surgeries on my left knee. Needless to say, I was in a pretty dark place.

So, at the age of 37, I moved back home to Knoxville, TN to live in my parents’ basement. The ‘08/’09 financial collapse was in full swing and nobody was hiring. I had to cash out my 401K just to pay my bills.

It was the lowest point in my entire life. At times, I even contemplated hurting myself…maybe even worse.

A friend from high school, who lives in Arizona, reached out and said that I could come stay with her and try my luck finding a job here. I had nothing to lose, so I packed up everything I owned in a 6x9 U-Haul trailer and moved to Arizona. I applied to a GoDaddy ad on Craigslist, interviewed, and was hired in October 2009.

I started in Inbound support, where I was told by my supervisor that I was good at consulting and should be in CDT. So, I moved to CDT after six weeks. After a year in CDT, I became a lead, then an Inbound Supervisor. After about a year and a half, I returned to CDT as a Supervisor.

I have always loved to write, so when a communications position opened up, I went for it and was able to get hired as a communications manager. Since being in communications, I have an impact on a much wider audience for the overall good of the company.

Since I began working for GoDaddy, my life is unrecognizable compared to where I was seven years ago. I am engaged to a woman who I believe is the best person on the planet and she has two amazing kids. I own a home and have met some incredible people along the way.

If it wasn’t for GoDaddy taking a chance on me, who knows where I would be today.

Mike is based in Gilbert, AZ. He’s one of the phenomenal humans who work at GoDaddy. #GoDaddyLife #GoDaddyBrave

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