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What I gained from losing

By Janice McKeever

I’ve been on a serious weight loss journey for over a year and a half. It began the day my doctor said I couldn’t have a long-overdue knee replacement until I lost 50 lbs. Initially, I was humiliated and mad. But by the next day, my anger morphed into something more productive: Determination.

At the Phoenix Raceway with Danica Patrick. November 2013

Fast-forward to today. I’ve lost about 60 lbs and I’m rocking a brand new knee. But most important, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of myself and what I’m capable of. Here’s what I gained from losing:

Good habits are addictive, too. There’s a confidence that comes with adopting a new healthy habit — it’s a struggle initially, but with a little discipline, it becomes a no-brainer. I eat within 30 minutes of getting up; I eat protein with every meal, and I try to get at least 15 minutes of movement every day. I feel healthier and that inspires me to add more good habits to my daily routine.

I am people-powered. As I’ve evolved from a gym phobe to a gym rat, I’ve gained an amazing community of workout buddies. I’m the ring leader of “Sass Class” — it’s not so much a class as a set time when a group of friends gathers to work out together. We keep each other motivated and laughing through our sweat. I also share my personal struggles and triumphs on Facebook. At first it felt weird. Who cares, right? Turns out, many people do. Others are inspired by my successes and that inspires me to keep moving forward.

Don’t beat yourself up. My knee surgery in August threw my routine into a tailspin. Obviously, I couldn’t work out. And others were preparing my meals for me, so I had less control over what I was eating. I gained some weight back, and lost the muscle and stamina I had worked so hard to achieve. It was tough, but I realized I had to cut myself some slack. Be kind. Take time to heal. All is not lost, it’s just on hold.

Goals are good. For a year, my motivation for losing weight was a brand-new knee. Now that I have it and I’m able to work out again, I’ve set my sights on goal #2: Riding in RAGBRAI with my GoDaddy colleagues. This bicycle ride across Iowa has been an annual tradition for GoDaddy employees for years. In the past, my health sidelined me, but this year, I plan to don my helmet and bike shorts and join the fun!

All dolled up for the GoDaddy holiday party. December 2016

So that’s my story so far. What started as a weight-loss journey has turned out to be so much more. It’s pushed me to step out of my comfort zone, challenge my stubborn mindsets and come out the other side with healthier habits and a confidence that will help me tackle a multitude of challenges down the road. Who knew losing could feel this winning?

Read Janice’s first story. Janice is based in Scottsdale, AZ and is one of the phenomenal human beings who works at GoDaddy. #GoDaddyBrave; #GoDaddyLife




GoDaddy employees share their stories of being brave…to be uniquely who they are, to survive cancer, to survive tours in Afghanistan, to breakthrough stereotypes, to step into their own and own their lives. These are some of the phenomenal human beings who work at GoDaddy.

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