Advisor Announcement — Travis Reeder

GoDDEX is proud to announce Travis Reeder has joined our team’s advisory board. Travis is the Chief Technology Officer at GoChain and a well known blockchain expert.

Travis is a distinguished personality in the blockchain industry and the man behind GoChain which runs 100x faster than Ethereum. GoChain has solved Ethereum’s scaling issues and at the same time, has fixed a couple of the other issues that plague blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general which includes energy and decentralization.

Travis was co-founder and CTO at — a San Francisco based technology company founded in 2011 with customers including Google, twitter, CNN and Philips. raised $17M and is backed by leading cloud investors including Bain Capital Ventures, Baseline Ventures, Divergent Ventures, Ignition Partners and Cloud Capital Partners. Travis architected and scaled up the servers to over 1 million transactions per second making it a highly sought after cloud service. During his time as CTO, Travis developed IronWorker — serverless async task processing, and IronMQ — a cloud-native message queue.

We are excited to have Travis as an advisor at GoDDEX. Having Travis will give a huge vote of confidence to GoDDEX and strengthen ties between GoDDEX and GoChain

As an advisor to GoDDEX, Travis will oversee our technical and development strategies, including development of inter-chain operability implementation which will allow users to trade GoChain based tokens with more trading pairs.

Travis brings a rich technology experience in building breakthrough technologies. We expect GoDDEX to benefit greatly from his advisory and become one of the most secured and popular exchanges in the blockchain space. We welcome Travis to the GoDDEX board and look forward to work together.

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