Decentralised Exchange for GoChain Based Tokens

GoDDEX is the first decentralised exchange for GoChain based ICO’s, It’s 100x faster than ethereum based decentralised exchanges.


Cryptocurrencies has exploded in the past few years, and Initial Coin Offerings have become a new standard of fundraising for startup projects. It is quite clear that cryptocurrency has democratised investment. Moreover, even established brands are now adopting utility tokens to fund and run their projects. We believe that utility tokens will be at the centre of this new world economy and cryptocurrency exchanges will enable users to trade their tokens.

In this decentralised economy, Ethereum emerged as an industry standard in issuing utility tokens and building dApps. Ethereum based ERC20 tokens have become industry standard for issuing utility tokens securely. However, scalability turned out to be a bottleneck in the mass adoption of Ethereum where many existing projects started exploring other options to run their dApps.

GoChain emerged as one of the most promising blockchain projects of 2018 (source) as it solved the issue of scalability of Ethereum blockchain. In about a month from launching the mainnet, GoChain has already gained popularity for the projects to build and run their projects on GoChain blockchain. With over $100 million worth of ICOs already announced and a capital of over $500 million of expected to flow in Gochain based projects — Gochain based utility tokens are poised to increase substantially by year 2019.

With the rise of GoChain based tokens, there will be a need for a decentralised exchange to provide liquidity to these utility and enable people to trade on GoChain. Decentralised Exchanges offer better security and are less vulnerable to hacks.

Why GoDDEX ?

GoDDEX is the first decentralised exchange for GoChain based ERC standard tokens, GoChain is 100x faster than Ethereum which will enable GoDDEX exchange users to trade 100x faster than any decentralised exchange based on Ethereum.

At the heart of every public blockchain lies a decentralised exchange that allows people trade the blockchain tokens freely and securely. A decentralised exchange is an essential part of the decentralised economy. Besides being an imperative part of the decentralised economy, GoDDEX has a strong business case as the expected value and volume of the GoChain based tokens opens up a new economic opportunity to run decentralised exchange on GoChain.


  • Secure Trading
    We will be using GoChain smart contracts to allow users to trade digital assets directly from wallet-to-wallet.
  • Fully Protected
    No depositing required so users will have complete control of their assets, Ledger users also can trade securely.
  • 100x Faster
    Because we will be using GoChain blockchain for GoDDEX exchange so we will have 100x speed of transactions.
  • Trading Views
    GoDDEX trading graphs will be equipped with advance tools and indicators so that users can use strategies easily.
  • Buy / Sell Tokens
    Easy process to buy / sell any tokens listed on GoDDEX with just few clicks.
  • Trading Pairs
    GoDDEX exchange will provide every possible trading pairs listed on our exchange.

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