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Are You Ready For The Next Challenge?

Caleb had helped lead the children of Israel into their Promised Land. But Caleb didn’t just stop there. In fact, when he was 80 years old he said, “God, give me another mountain.” He was saying, “God, give me something else to do. Give me another assignment.”

He was planning on ending his life in victory. He could have said, “God, just let me retire. My back’s hurting. I can hardly see anymore…




We talk about culture and real-life issues that other faith-based magazines might shy away from, because we believe it’s important to address the gritty stuff of life — even when it makes us uncomfortable. If it’s relevant to our readers, you’ll find it on our pages.

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Dean J.

Dean J.

Blogger, Rights Activist, Humanist, And Freelance writer. I love to read and write articles on a contemporary trending issues, technology and literature.

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