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Bold Dreams

Close your eyes and look into your future, what do you see? What are the dreams and desires that you hold close to your heart? So many people start with bold dreams, but then opposition comes. Life doesn’t turn out the way they planned. They lose a loved one or encounter difficulty they didn’t anticipate.

Today, if that’s you, I want to remind you that the Creator of the universe designed you with specific gifts and talents that no one else…




We talk about culture and real-life issues that other faith-based magazines might shy away from, because we believe it’s important to address the gritty stuff of life — even when it makes us uncomfortable. If it’s relevant to our readers, you’ll find it on our pages.

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Dean J.

Dean J.

Blogger, Rights Activist, Humanist, And Freelance writer. I love to read and write articles on a contemporary trending issues, technology and literature.

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