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The Lamb

As a boy I remember my mother reading bible stories to us, one that made an impression on me was the story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham was pictured raising a knife over the altar to kill his son, and Isaac’s words have stuck with me “Where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” Our focus this Christmas is on Isaac’s question.

Even though God graciously provided a ram in place of Isaac, it was not “The Lamb.” Hundreds of lambs were sacrificed on the night of the Passover to deliver God’s people. Thousands more were sacrificed in the temple in obedience to God’s commands for offerings. Yet Isaac’s question remained: “Where is the Lamb?” Isaiah prophesied that the people’s true salvation and deliverance would come through a Lamb who would pour out His blood and bear the sins of many. 700 years after Isaiah prophesied, an angel proclaimed that Mary would have a Son and He will save the mankind from their sins. The Lamb had finally come.

Today, we are in the Advent season, Christmas Day is coming. We know our Saviour was not born on that day, but let us joyfully celebrate on the 25 thand every day the birth of God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, the Lamb, who died and rose again to take away our sins and give us new life forever! Hallelujah!

“The fire and wood are here,” said Isaac, “but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” — Genesis 22:7

Let’s Pray

Yahweh, we sing this Advent with the angels of 2000 years ago, “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive us and deliver us, honour and glory and praise!” God, we eagerly look for that day when Christ will return and there shall be no more pain, no more suffering, no more death, and praise God no more satan or sin, in Christ’s Name! Amen.

Originally published at https://godinterest.com on December 21, 2021.




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