Launching Steps app

Beat social anxiety

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We’re super proud to be sharing Steps with the world today. We’ve had a beta version out for about a month and had more than 150 signups and an inbox full of feedback — thank you shaping the first version of Steps!

Steps is built with the mission to help people beat social anxiety using principles from exposure therapy.

The best way to overcome fear is by simply doing the things you’re afraid of, in small, safe, progressive steps. This method is also called exposure therapy and proven to be the most efficient method when it comes to social fears.

Exposure therapy is great but unknown to most, it’s hard to do alone and expensive to get as treatment. This is what we want to change with Steps.

Explore — The app offers you small and progressive challenges in curated sets, in areas such as creating friendships and handling rejection.

Make it yours — Save the challenges you like to your steps — this is the place you keep track of your saved and completed challenges.

Share — When you’ve completed your challenge you can share it with a friend, maybe even dare them.

The next steps

Our main focus for the near future is to team up with one or more experts - people with a background in psychology who are also curious about the impact of tech on mental health — if this is you or someone you know, please get in touch!

Future plans

  • Expectation and reflection
    The next feature we’ll be looking into is giving you the opportunity to reflect on challenges you’ve done. What were your expectations? How did it go? What happened?
  • Get inspired
    We want to give users the possibility to share their reflections, tips and personal experiences of overcoming anxiety and for users to get inspired by others.
  • Create your own challenges and challenge packs
    Giving users the opportunity to shape their own challenges and challenge packs, overcoming fears in their own way and pace.

As always we’re eager to hear your thoughts on the product, mission, anything really. Get in touch at!