GOeureka Meet the Team — Koh Shuk Huay

Koh Shuk Huay

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I’ve built my entire career within the IT industry, and to me, it feels like a personal calling. It led me to found one of the fastest growing IT firms in Malaysia, specialising in customised web solutions and enterprise-level software, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I find it immensely enjoyable providing IT-related consulting services, identifying client needs and requirements, and delivering the right tech solutions at the right time.

Tell us about your experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies

I’d been casually following the blockchain space, and more specifically Bitcoin’s evolution and technological advancement within it, for a few years. Then in 2016, when the Bitcoin boom hit, I started giving it my full attention. While I do trade crypto, it’s the technology behind the blockchain industry and the applications built on top that has me fascinated.

How did you get involved with GOeureka? What appealed to you about the project?

I was introduced to Manraj (CEO) through a shared contact and he walked me through GOeureka’s mission and vision. After taking a look into the current issues faced by the travel industry and seeing the potential solutions that GOeureka could provide, I was hooked and immediately jumped on-board.

What sets GOeureka apart is its pragmatic approach, utilising blockchain technology in a conventional market, and it appealed to me immensely.

What are you responsible for at GOeureka?

I oversee the development of GOeureka’s platform, meaning a lot of my time goes into planning and executing all things tech at GOeureka. This includes what we’ll build out next, which tech expertise to bring onto our team, and coordinating all the nitty-gritty blockchain elements we’ll be introducing. I work very closely with Manraj on the development roadmap for the coming months and years and ensure we stay focused and on track.

What is your favourite part of the GOeureka solution? What has you most excited?

Without a doubt the interoperable loyalty points. I think this is the most disruptive feature that the GOeureka platform can provide, and it’s going to create a real win-win for hotels, travellers, and GOeureka as well. Being able as a hotelier to clear off some of the liabilities from your balance sheet, and as a traveller having the ability to redeem and utilise your loyalty points across the entire platform, is going to be revolutionary for the online travel sector.

Where do you see the future of the travel industry headed? How do you see it evolving?

I believe the industry will become 100% mobile oriented. We’ve been seeing a huge paradigm shift to mobile devices over the years, and that trend is going to continue to strengthen and grow. To me, it makes perfect sense for users to manage their entire trip on their mobile, including booking their stay, checking-in, requesting hotel services, touring, getting to know the area of their stay, and finally, checking-out.

I think we’ll also see technology levelling the playing field in the industry as smaller but technologically more advanced hotel brands start to become more competitive in their pricing, marketing, and booking numbers. It will no longer be possible for the large online travel agents (OTAs) to dominate and restrict the sector, and there’ll be some huge changes in the space.

What one question do you wish we’d asked that we haven’t? And how would you answer it?

How does GOeureka leverage blockchain technology?

GOeureka utilises tokens to minimise third-party transaction fees and commissions (which could otherwise contribute to up to 30% of travellers’ booking costs). Powered by blockchain technology, GOeureka will be one of the most transparent, cost-effective, and secure OTAs globally.