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Fractally Releases Mandel 3.0 RC 1 to replace EOSIO

On December 19th, I published a roadmap for EOS to migrate from EOSIO to Mandel. The first milestone has been reached on schedule with the release of Mandel 3.0 RC1, the first community funded and developed hardfork of EOS.

This release builds on the EOSIO 2.0 codebase and pulls in the best features from EOSIO 2.1. Once deployed Mandel will enable larger contracts that run faster than ever. The addition of action return values will enable more powerful data access and proofs for inter-blockchain communication. Lastly, updates to the Mandel system contracts give more control over how the EOS permission system works which lays the foundation for smart contracts to pay for transactions on behalf of their users.

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Fractally added one additional feature not mentioned on the original roadmap: the ability to read the contract version of another account. This will enable security and performance enhancements. These enhancements will help with contract pays implementations.

Next Steps — Community Test Network

The next step is for the EOS community to deploy Mandel 3.0 to a test network. The Fractally team will provide support to fix any bugs discovered. Because most of the features have been tested on EOSIO 2.1, this process should hopefully complete in about a month.

Fractally would like to thank the EOS Network Foundation for funding the development of Mandel and working with the community to upgrade the EOS network for the first time in years.

You can check out the release notes on GitHub.

I would like to thank the Fractally development team, especially Todd & Steven for making this release possible.

Future of DAOs — Upcoming Fractally White Paper

Be sure to follow us on twitter @gofractally and subscribe to our youtube channel so you don’t miss the fractally white paper event on TwosDay, Feb 22 at 22:22 UTC.



ƒractally combines a decentralized exchange, social media network, and a high-performance smart contract platform with the most advanced decentralized fractal governance process in the market. We believe the future is Fractal.

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