GoFundMe in Canada

A Look at the Growing Trend of Online Fundraising

Canadians Raise $140 Million from 1.8 Million Donations on GoFundMe

GoFundMe, the world’s largest online fundraising platform, today released new data highlighting the growing trend of Canadians raising money for personal causes on GoFundMe. Canadians have started 88,000 GoFundMe campaigns, raising $140 million from 1.8 million donations. In 2016 alone, GoFundMe campaign organizers in Canada raised more than $66 million.

“Time and again, Canadians have come together to help each other on GoFundMe. From sheltering the homeless to supporting families who have fallen on tough times, people across the country have shown their generosity, empathy, and willingness to make things better. We’re excited to see what can happen when even more Canadians are empowered to help one another,” said GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon.

Heatmap of giving on GoFundMe across Canada

Donations Per Province and Territory

Total Donations to Canadian GoFundMe Campaigns






In May 2016, fires in Fort McMurray destroyed homes and businesses, ravaged entire communities, and displaced tens of thousands of Canadians. The GoFundMe community rallied together to support the victims and everyone impacted by the devastating fires.

6 Steps to a Successful GoFundMe Campaign

1. Share with Friends and Family on Facebook

If you’re raising money for something that you strongly believe in, chances are that the people in your life will be eager to support you.

Sharing on Facebook is the best way to reach out to those closest to you, and let them know what or who you are raising money for. Your friends and family will be the ones most willing to contribute, and will also be more likely to reach out to others on your behalf to share your campaign as well.
Key points:
• Sharing your campaign on Facebook increases donations by 350%. It really is that important. 
• Be sure to add a personalized message when you share, explaining why your campaign means so much to you — a simple, direct, and heartfelt appeal will get you the most views. 
• Ask your friends and family to “Like” and share your campaign on Facebook as well.

2. Share your link through email, text messages, and other social networks

After sharing your campaign on Facebook, you’ll want to spread the word to any other social networks and communities that you are a part of. Building a strong sense of community and awareness around your campaign will go a long way with maintaining consistent donation volume.

3. Make your campaign look its best

We recommend doing the following things to create a compelling campaign:
• Use a great photo or make a video. 
• Write a catchy and descriptive title. 
• Your Campaign Description will fill in the details and answer any questions donors and visitors may have. The best campaign summaries include an introduction of yourself, a brief explanation of what you’re raising money for, and why the cause is so important to you. You can also use this area to add more photos or videos.

4. Keep your donors in the loop

Donors and followers love to know how their donations are working for you. Keep your story fresh and interesting by posting frequent ‘Update Messages’ to your campaign. Make sure that you check the options to also post your updates to Facebook, Twitter, & Email.

5. Show your appreciation

Thank your donors! They’re spending their hard earned money to help you do something that is special and important to you. We’ve made it simple for you to let them know just how much their support means to you.

Tips for Donors

1. Donors fully protected — we guarantee it
Our platform is backed by the GoFundMe Guarantee, the first and only guarantee for crowdfunding. The GoFundMe Guarantee adds unprecedented security to all stages of the giving experience. Donors will now be protected by a refund policy in the very rare cases of campaign misuse, and funds raised by GoFundMe campaigns are guaranteed to go to the right person, ensuring donors’ intentions are honored and the recipient gets the help they need. Users can learn more about the GoFundMe Guarantee at gofundme.com/guarantee.

As more than 25 million donors already know, GoFundMe is the safest, most secure platform for giving. Campaigns with misuse make up less than one tenth of one percent of all campaigns. As the largest online fundraising platform in the world, GoFundMe is able to provide this guarantee so donors and recipients never have to worry about the rare cases where something goes wrong.

2. We’re looking out for you
 Our top priority is a safe, seamless donation process. To achieve that, we employ state-of-the-art fraud-prevention technologies and a team of dedicated specialists working to protect you around the clock.

3. Get to know the campaign
If you want to know more about a specific campaign, contact the Campaign Organizer directly by clicking the icon next to their name on the campaign page. Learn more about the transparency guidelines that we urge all campaign organizers to follow.

4. Still have questions?
Just ask. Our team is here to help, and we’ll get back to you with a rapid response in 5 minutes or less.