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Helpful and empathetic design for when people need us most

By: David Murray, Head of Design

Moving category selection to the beginning of the flow allows organizers to receive tailored funeral and memorial guidance from the start

A more helpful way to create a funeral or memorial fundraiser

Instead of asking organizers in the very first interaction who would manage the funds — which could be overwhelming and difficult to answer when in emotional turmoil — we surfaced simpler questions at the beginning of the flow

These were our design and content principles

  1. Recognize our organizers’ difficult situation and offer emotional support, reassurance, and help wherever we can.
  2. Give more autonomy and choice, making it easy for organizers to move forward, skip, and see their progress at any point.
  3. Create transparent, helpful guidance and recommendations that ease the burden of creating something new during a stressful time.

What does empathetic design look like?

A closer look at our most significant design changes

Category redesign

Empathy takeover

Funeral service date

More empathetic language throughout

Looking ahead



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