Host a lemonade stand. Have fun, do good.

GoFundMe partners with VistaPrint and ATTN: to help families host lemonade stands for charity.

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3 min readAug 23, 2022


At GoFundMe, we believe that help is powerful. But we recognize that asking for help can be hard.

In fact, research shows that children as early as seven years old begin to connect asking for help with not appearing smart in front of others. This is why we’re partnering with VistaPrint and ATTN: to help parents teach their kids that there is strength in asking for help, and there’s actually nothing to be afraid of. Better yet, asking for help is fun!

Our new initiative, #StandForSomething, encourages families to host a lemonade stand in their neighborhood for a charity they’re passionate about — like animals, the environment, or providing meals to families. It’s a fun and easy way for kids to learn how to ask for help while supporting causes that matter to them.

GoFundMe, VistaPrint and ATTN: help families make the world a little sweeter.

VistaPrint, which offers a vast and varied array of customizable products and personal gifts to help bring your one-of-a-kind vision to life, is helping young changemakers and future entrepreneurs uplevel their lemonade stands by sending a Lemonade Stand Toolkit to the first 500 people that start a #StandForSomething fundraiser. The toolkit includes a lemonade stand banner, ‘I donated’ stickers, a checklist and a QR code to easily accept donations that go directly to the nonprofit of choice.

We are working with ATTN: — the leading, purpose-driven media studio which is part of Candle Media — to activate their network of socially-motivated influencers and follower community to inspire parents who are always looking for new and meaningful ways to spend time with their children. The creators will energize the general public and generate a ripple effect of good by showing people how fun it is to come together and #StandForSomething.

#StandForSomething is one of the first brand experiences that takes GoFundMe beyond the internet to make emotional connections with young changemakers and their communities — creating memorable, real-life, lasting interactions.

How to get involved:

1. Start a GoFundMe for a charity you love

  • Make sure to include #StandForSomething in your fundraiser description.

2. Get your free lemonade stand toolkit

  • VistaPrint will send you a toolkit with a lemonade stand banner, a checklist, and more!

3. Serve lemonade and raise money for good

  • Your toolkit will include a custom QR code people can scan to donate to your fundraiser.

To learn more and access educational resources on how to host in-person stands to benefit causes/ charities that kids care about most, visit:

Together, we can show our communities that when we ask for help toward a shared goal, there is limitless potential to make the world a little sweeter.



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