It’s Time To Act: Help American Families Struggling to Make Ends Meet

By: Bobby Whithorne, Sr. Director of Communications

Dec 9, 2020 · 7 min read

It’s impossible to ignore the devastation of 2020: There are 10 million fewer jobs now than in February. The lines at some food banks go on for miles. The federal eviction moratorium is set to expire at the end of the year.

The reality is that families all across the country are struggling to put food on the table, cover their monthly expenses, and pay their rent — and it’s causing them to lose hope at a time when hope is desperately needed.

Our message is simple: As Congress continues to negotiate, we urge lawmakers to stay focused on the countless families struggling to get by. This is an urgent crisis and it’s time to act.

At GoFundMe, we see the devastating impact of the economic crisis playing out in real time. We see countless stories of families — through no fault of their own — struggling to make ends meet because they were laid off, their hours were cut, or because they lost loved ones to the pandemic.

With nowhere else to turn, they start a GoFundMe to cover their monthly expenses. Time and time again, their family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers come together to offer financial support and spread a little light in the darkness of 2020.

This immediate need is so great that GoFundMe created a new fundraising category, Food, Rent, and Monthly Bills, for individuals to rally their networks and the GoFundMe community for support. GoFundMe also launched Basic Necessities Cause, allowing donors to support people facing these urgent needs, as well as the charities driving long-term relief.

Let’s be clear: There are significant consequences to inaction. Tonight, families will sit around the kitchen table wondering how they’ll feed their kids, pay the electric bill, or whether or not they’ll have enough money to make rent. It’s well past time to act.

We believe that people across the country shouldn’t be forced to make the difficult choice between paying rent and having running water, or buying food for the family and keeping the lights on.

Each day, until negotiations in Washington are complete, GoFundMe will share one story of a family in need. We hope leaders will do the right thing and take immediate action to help cover the costs of the very necessities that are essential to the health and well-being of millions of families across the country.

December 9

Since the beginning of the pandemic, this family of five has struggled to catch up on bills and utilities after work at two different contracting jobs slowed down. Help the Brown family make ends meet.

December 10

Robert, a father of two young girls, has been out of work since the beginning of the pandemic. He needs help feeding his children and paying back rent so they don’t get evicted. Help the Gathers family make ends meet.

December 11

Ed, a navy veteran, has been unemployed for the past nine months and has exhausted his savings. He now finds himself in significant debt just trying to make ends meet.

December 12

Like so many, Kiara lost her job as a barista at the beginning of the pandemic. Now, her family home is on the brink of foreclosure. Help Kiara and Ebony make ends meet.

December 13

After contracting COVID-19 earlier this year, Jarrod Player was laid off from his job and has struggled to find consistent work since then. He and his daughter, Avery, are diabetic and require insulin. He’s now months behind on rent and bills and is facing eviction. Help the Player family make ends meet.

December 14

Tiffany, a single mom, is helping her son get through college and is caring for her mother through illness. She also suffers from Lupus. Due to layoffs and furloughs, Tiffany is struggling to obtain full-time work to support her family. Help the Bradford family make ends meet.

December 15

Before the pandemic hit New York, Magalie was a banquet hall server and freelanced as a photo assistant. Magalie is now unable to pay her rent and living expenses, and she’s on the verge of homelessness. Help Magalie make ends meet.

December 16

Cecilia is a single mom who has been in and out of work throughout the pandemic. She has exhausted her savings and is no longer able to afford rent. Help the Salcido family make ends meet.

December 17

The pandemic has taken its toll on single father of three, Michael Sudano. Due to reduced work and pay, he and his children are on the brink of eviction. Help the Sudano family make ends meet.

December 18

Yebon Park is an essential worker at a grocery store in New York. He fell behind on rent payments when his work hours were reduced and he’s now being asked to repay it all. Help Yebon make ends meet.

December 19

Chet Roberts lost his job over the summer due to the pandemic. As a single father, he has struggled to pay rent and provide basic necessities for his daughter ever since. Help the Roberts family make ends meet.

December 21

The economic destruction left in the wake of COVID-19 is devastating. Every single day we see countless GoFundMes created for families struggling to get by. The economic pain and financial hardship will continue.

Congress cannot lose sight of the fact that millions of families will continue to struggle to put food on the table, cover their monthly expenses, and pay their rent. Congress cannot lose sight of the families falling through the cracks and the families who will fall on hard times in the months ahead. Clearly more needs to be done to provide the economic relief so many families deserve.

We see the emotional support and hope families feel when they receive the financial relief they so desperately need. And we encourage everyone to continue to urge Congress to take meaningful action in 2021 to support families all across the country.

As Congress negotiated a relief package, GoFundMe shared one story of a family in need each day. After receiving additional support, Cecilia Salcido said, “I am in tears to see all the donations come in. May God bless all of you with abundance.”

Jarrod Player said, “What was looking to be a very down and depressing Christmas has been turned into a magical one. It’s enough to pay all the back rent and to help in getting a new place for us. So many nights not being able to sleep, worrying about what was going to happen at the end of the month. Now we can have clear minds because of everyone’s care and love and generosity.”

Yeb Park said, “I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating to and sharing my gofundme…I feel so blessed to have met such generous people throughout every stage of my life. I often beat myself up and obsess over my (many) mistakes and (many many) flaws, but despite it all, I have people who want to support me and want the best for me. This has been my biggest takeaway from this experience and the best gift I could have asked for.”

GoFundMe is not a replacement for federal COVID relief and we hope leaders in Washington return in 2021 with a renewed focus on providing long-term solutions for families in need.

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