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5 Questions Your SOULMATE will Never Ask or Do to You!

Do you ever end up asking yourself that whether the person you are dating right now is the right one for you or is he your forever one? In this blog, I’ve curated a list of 5 actions and questions that your soulmate will never let you experience.

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1. He will NEVER ask you to Give Up on your dreams

Even if it’s for his own benefit, he will never ask you to change or give up on your dreams. I encountered some marriages where the girl has to give up the job she loves just because her partner is moving to another city. Now some may do this willingly out of love while for some it is like choosing oxygen or food!

I remember myself dating someone who expected me to give up my plans to find my own path and instead walk on the ones he’s planning for me. I truly appreciate this kind of ‘concern’ however, not everybody is looking for a helping hand

You cannot ask someone to change their plans or dreams just because it’ll make your life easier. The worst part is sometimes they won’t even realize what they are forcing someone to do.

2. He will NEVER let you question your worth

Have you ever felt insecure with the person you love? Did you even for once doubt whether your secret will be safe with your partner or not?

Trust this — Nothing hurts more than watching your soulmate break your trust. What is the point of being with someone who isn’t even capable of keeping your dark secrets?

There are some immature humans who’ll try to make you feel insecure by hanging out with others and when you try to talk it out with them — they’ll say that they are trying to make you feel jealous just to see how you’ll react.

This tactic works only if you think someone likes you but they have not confessed their feelings yet. This plan backfires once you start dating and still trying to make them jealous. Some dating experts even consider this as a “RED FLAG” in dating

3. He’ll NEVER ask you to make him your Topmost Priority

“Hi babe! I’m so sorry. Something came up at the workplace so I have to go there and sort things out. I guess we’ll need to postpone today’s lunch. I’m gonna make it up to you for sure!”

Once you send this message you can expect 2 types of reply:

“But you said you’ll meet my parents today. They were looking forward to this date and you are just disappointing them!”

“Don’t worry! Take care of yourself. I’ll cover up for you. And we can meet later, don’t stress out.”

I don’t think this needs any explanation to understand the one who understands you and respects your priority and always backs you up, supports you and of course prioritizes your dreams

4. He’ll NEVER Compare you with anybody else

Not by looks, not by skills, not by your attitude — NOTHING.

Your soulmate will always make you feel like ‘You are one of a kind and just IRREPLACABLE’

He won’t ever even feel the need of thinking what if he was with someone else instead of you.

You can go ahead and play a round of game with him and ask him questions that reflect he was not dating you, or things he can change in you — his response will say it all!

5. He’ll NEVER let you walk away or alone — no matter what you do

Career before marriage? — Sure!

Meetings over date nights? — No problem!

Kids or No Kids? — Whatever you wish for!

Whatever decision you make that involves both of you — your soulmate will ALWAYS support you (Unless you are taking him for granted and being unreasonable!)

Photo by Oziel Gómez on Unsplash

So if you have reached here and not once did you say, “yaa he does that”, then congratulations! You Have Found Your Soulmate. Now don’t ever let him go!

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