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The emergence of dating apps has created a phase shift for the current generation, giving them an opportunity to find people around them at their fingertips. Evolving dating styles and methods have brought this generation to opt for something that is quick, fun and (at times) reliable to find their soul-mate. Unfortunately, just like any other technology, dating app also comes along with some cons. Let’s weigh a few pros and cons of dating apps, which could help us define our presence on this interesting channel of meeting people!


1. CONVENIENT — From finding friends to your soul-mate, dating apps have made it all very easy and convenient. All one has to do is download an app, put up a few good pictures and the right information to attract the perfect one. With all options available on phone, there is hardly any need of being social to find that PERFECT one!

2. APPROACHABLE — For ones who are not very comfortable approaching people, dating apps provide a perfect solution for the introverts to overcome their fear of rejection.

3. VERSATILE — Dating apps are not limited to class, caste, behaviour and other factors as they allow anyone and everyone to join and look for their partner. It allows one to look for someone from college to workplace and all of that, just on an app.

4. CONFIDENCE BOOSTING — Dating apps allow a person to be who they are and showcasing that helps one to boost their self-confidence. Unlike real world, dating apps are free from judgments and one can look for their partner without being an extrovert.

5. ANONYMITY — Dating apps allow one the freedom to choose who they want to talk to and if they misuse the channel, one can easily report or block them.


1. STIGMA — Joining a dating app comes across as an unsafe and desperate option for many. There is an unfortunate stigma attached where people on dating apps are looked down upon, mainly due to the some apps having “hook-up” image. This has been changing gradually with the emergence of a few clean apps lately; people are becoming more comfortable joining dating apps to find true love.

2. CYBER CRIME — Individuals on a dating app are often victims of cyber crimes like bullying and some scams like getting followed when the app shows your location where you crossed paths with the person. People are ridiculed on different basis like race, personality and/or body shaming. There are numerous options to pick, the users should pick the app that suits their needs the best and is trustworthy.

3. DISHONESTY — There are often individuals who fake their job, personality or their existence in totality. It is easy to fake identity and get genuine people to believe on an online platform. Some apps, however, have a strong verification mechanism, so one should always be diligent while communicating on the app.

4. SELF DOUBT — Many individuals join a dating app with the hope to find their partner or someone they can build a relationship with but the failure of that leads people into self doubt and depression. Just believe in yourself, a photo-matching app is biased on looks. There are options, where apps focus on relationships more than looks.

5. DISTANCE — As dating apps are easily accessible, one tends to use it while travelling which leads to meeting individuals around the world making one doubt if long distance is worth the time and effort or not.

While dating apps come with their own pros and cons, it is surely worth a try to see what they have in store for you!

There are many dating apps and understand it is hard for a person to pick which one suits their needs. Try and weigh the app on the above factors and that will help you with your decision.

GoGaga understands the user’s requirement and has created a product that has all the PROS of the dating apps but the CONS have been tactfully mitigated. With a “wing person” approach, when your friend is vouching for your date, GoGaga ensures:

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(b) Network method of matching ensuring that the person on the other end is trustworthy,

(c) A promise of ZERO fake profiles shown,

(d) More focus on individuals and their interests vs. photos, and

(e) Finding someone in your socio-economic background.

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