Unique Locations — Cappadocia: “The Fairy Land of Turkey!”

With ‘Unique Locations’ post series, I’d like to introduce you to outstanding locations to film exclusive to Turkey. Cappadocia makes a great start to this series with its mystic and fairy mood -a rare gem not only in Turkey, but also in the world.

A frame from our docuseries “Ruhun Doysun” for Grundig directed by Cem Adiyaman.

Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia is a region of natural wonders in central Anatolia, characterised by fairy chimneys and idiosyncratic cone-shaped rock formations. This fabulous landscape is a gift of volcanic eruptions dating back 10 million years. Cappadocia was initially an inland sea, until it was dried up by the lava flows. The lava in time cooled of, forming tuff rocks, which were then sculpted into sinuous valleys with curvy cliff faces and pointy fairy chimneys by the help of the wind and rain.

Fairy Chimneys

Hot Air Balloon

Hot air ballon is a major touristic attraction in the area. Due to the microclimate of the valley, the balloons rise up early in the morning accompanied by an amazing dawn light, offering a fabulous scene not only for the riders but also for the viewers — a good alternative to enjoy the experience for those who have fear of heights (*cough* like me *cough*).

Cave Houses

Cappadocians chiselled their home sweet homes in the soft rock, paving the way for cave-dwelling hippies and today’s luxury boutique fairy-chimney hotels. La crème de la crème des vacances!

A frame from our docuseries “Ruhun Doysun” for Grundig directed by Cem Adiyaman.
Image by Keith Levit / Design Pics / Getty Images

Byzantine Frescoes

Monastery life existing in the area left a series of mural paintings in caves which were being used as churches. Despite centuries of weathering and vandalism, many of the frescoes have preserved their colours and are still standing gloriously, making an attractive archeological feast for visitors.

Image by Tim Barker / Getty Images

Underground Cities

There are approximately 40 underground cities in the region which were carved out by the Hittites around 2000 BC. Between the range of 5,000 to 10,000 people gathered and lived underground during war times. The amazing 120 meters deep ventilation system was designed to source fresh air to the tiny tunnels spanning eight floors. Our antecedents never cease to amaze.

Derinkuyu Underground City

Landscape and Roads for Car Commercials

The images you have seen so far already speak for themselves. So it is probably no new information to you when I say this wonderland, with its great landscapes and roads, offer perfect locations for car commercials.

A frame from our docuseries “Ruhun Doysun” for Grundig directed by Cem Adiyaman.


The area doesn’t only have this natural wonder, it also offers us many diverse landscapes and old towns within 1 hour driving distance.

The Hasan Mountain, the famous spot for paragliders.
An old village in Aksaray.
A suburban road.

How to Access to Cappadocia

It’s an hour flight from Istanbul with 8 direct flights a day. I know, your commute is probably more difficult. :)

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