Pro tips and questions you should ask to determine if you’ve found the right body leasing partner for your business.

Sona Kerim
Jul 15 · 4 min read
A guide to body leasing developers and finding the right partner for your business

Finding the right partner to lease developers from can be a challenge. There can be a lot of unknowns…

Do they have the right technical skills? Will they be able to work well with my existing team?

There are some ways of determining if you’ve found the right fit. The best practice is to determine their developer’s communication skills, understand their recruitment process, and ensure that they’d be able to fulfill certain requests that go along with your companies processes.

Finally, take a look at the guarantees they offer. After all, it is your project, and you want to find a partner who will make the development process smooth.

Effective communication

Effective communication is the key to the success of your project. You want to look for a body leasing partner that understands how integral communication is, and also has experience working with international clients. This means that the developers are flexible with their time, to reduce conflicts regarding time zones. It’s also great to find developers who are real problem-solvers — Developers who can express themselves clearly if there are any challenges within your particular project. This means that you also want to ensure that your body leased developers will be polite, friendly and have strong interpersonal skills.

Recruitment process

The recruitment process has two sides: How your body leasing partner recruits their developers, and the process of how quickly you can recruit skilled developers to start working on your project.

How they recruit

You want to make sure the developers you body lease are skilled and knowledgeable in your tech stack, while also being able to work within your processes. It’s always good to find out a bit about how your potential body leasing partner is vetting their developers, and how they ensure their skills are up to par.

How quickly they recruit

Finding a body leasing partner who can get you your skilled developers quickly and easily is also important. When you’ve got a great project on the go, you can’t waste any time. A tried and true process for this, which gets you your developers promptly and painlessly, requires only 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Let us know your Tech Stack requirements, and share any documentation you might have on your business and project idea (If the project is working on a legacy code base, we’d also need access to the code repository.)

Step 2: We will share blind CVs with you. You select the developers you’d like to interview.

Step 3: Interviews with your selected developers are set up within a couple of days.

Step 4: You will decide which developers you want to work with.

Step 5: We finalize and sign the agreement.

Voila! Your developers are ready to work!

What questions should I be asking?

Understanding how the partnership will proceed is another integral element for the success of your project. Here are some great questions you can ask to find out if the software house you choose to body lease from, will be an effective partner.

  1. Do you offer/recommend body leasing a QA for my project?

QAs provide additional verification that your product is the highest possible quality through testing and other means of reducing the risk of human error in your code base.

2. Do your developers have experience working for international clients?

It’s vital that your body leased developers have the ability to communicate well with people from all over the world.

3. Do you offer the option of travel between your office and ours for on-boarding and is there the potential for continued travel between offices, at my cost?

Having at least a week of on-boarding in person is beneficial for both the body leased developer and yourself. We can’t underestimate the benefit of getting to know one another in order to have a productive working relationship.

4. Are you willing to accommodate to my project needs?

It’s good to know if the development team is fully remote, or working in an office space. Your project might require developers to work in the same space, and it’s good to know that your body leasing partner can adapt.

5. Do your developers work on multiple projects or focus on one project at a time?

Ideally, the developers you are body leasing will be working solely on your project. This work setup is very beneficial to your project because it means the developer is focused on your project and your project alone.

Challenging doesn’t mean impossible

When looking for a body leasing partner, it can be challenging to find the right fit. You need developers who are skilled in your tech stack, recruited promptly and have strong communication skills. But remember, challenging doesn’t mean impossible! Asking the right questions can help you determine who the best body leasing partner is for your project. Look for companies who are open-minded, adaptable, and are just as excited about your project as you are!

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Your project success is our app-solute focus

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Your project success is our app-solute focus

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