Go programming language (Golang) is simple, secure and as a result, it’s growing in popularity. This article explains why you should ask about Go language for your next app.

Sona Kerim
May 22 · 4 min read

The Go programming language was developed in 2007 and launched in 2009. Since then has become the fastest growing programming language in Github because of its speed, reliability, and simplicity. Go has grown more than 8% overall with a 0.7% change from the previous Quarter. Looking at the changes in Go from the previous year, it’s clear to see that its growth has been consistent.

Go, commonly referred to as Golang, is popular worldwide in the software industry. With major projects like Dropbox, Google, Cloudflare, and Docker written in Go, it’s easy to see why this programming language is becoming more and more popular.

It’s lightweight, open source and great for developing applications that are commercially viable. It is an easy programming language for developers to write in and efficient for end users, such as businesses and organizations.

Finally, Go was developed by Google. This means that there is money consistently being out into this technology. Regular financing and improvements mean that if Go is a great programming language, it will only continue to become better and better as time passes.

Reasons Golang is Great for Your Project

Real-time development

When having your project developed with Go programming language, your users will get the sense that the application they are using is current. Since Go compiles projects really quickly, the high-speed development has obvious benefits. It is also statically typed, which means that it is a much safer language than dynamically typed languages. Simply put, it is a convenient, quick and very secure code and provides cross-platform support which is a real benefit for projects looking to scale up. These qualities of Golang make it ideal for creating e-commerce applications and chatting apps as well.

Networking Development

Applications written in Go have some additional benefits because of some of the functions it provides developers with. Goroutines and channels are designed to meet modern demand. There is also Go attribute, which makes for highspeed development and deployment. This is a great quality when working with web technologies, social media development, and wireless trends, as the expectations of quick bug fixes or new features are quite high. Using Golang for your project allows you to ensure your product is always current and up-to-date without waiting a long time for deployment.

Cloud Computing

I’m sure we’ve all noticed that cloud computing is also gaining popularity, and there is a lot of discussion around this topic. Go is a part of Google Cloud, Dropbox, MS Azure, and AWS — some of the major names in Cloud computing. This is an important fact to consider because if some of the best and largest cloud computing software companies are using Go, it’s clearly the best programming language for the task.

Micro Services

Go has a service-oriented architecture structure, which makes it easier for developers to understand, and therefore develop and test. Microservices are easier to test and since testing is one of the most important elements of product development. It’s key to have your application written in a programming language that can help your developers optimize the testing process throughout the project. Testing ensures that your product is functioning optimally and provide the most user-friendly experience for end-users.

But the biggest advantage of this approach is the flexibility of the system and being able to replace certain parts of the system in order to meet the customer needs.


Google really cares about its users, and as a result, has created a lot of free official guides for the Go programming language. Golang is open-source, and now includes a huge collection of add-ons and packages. This means that developers do not need to write all of their code from scratch, but can use the pre-prepared code from the library for certain app features. This speeds up the development process so you can get your product to your users much faster.

Also, the Golang community is constantly growing. There is more and more input into these open source libraries from developers worldwide, which makes Go’s libraries extremely comprehensive.

Best Projects for Golang

In most cases, depending on the programming language, there are specific project types that are considered ideal, or best suited. What’s so amazing about Go, is that it seems as though the possibilities are endless. As a result of the secure code, the simplicity of the language and quick deployment, Go is the perfect language for so many project types.

I will leave you here with only a few examples of project types that would be great for Go. I’ve also included an example of some products that used Go in the corresponding industry.

Go programming language is great for so many different project types, such as Cloud infrastructure, Apps handling big traffic loads, Quick map processing speeds, E-commerce, Social media apps, Fintech, Booking apps, News apps, and Audio sharing apps.

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Your project success is our app-solute focus

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