The goHappy Guide to the Perfect Tailgating Season

You want to know the best part of tailgating season? Everyone wins!

It doesn’t matter if you have a rookie flipping burgers or your backup cooler is a little banged up. Tailgating is a team sport on every level, collegiate and pro. If you see someone sitting on the asphalt by their lonesome holding a hotdog over a lighter, then congrats, you’ve just made a free agent acquisition!

We’re going to help you bring the whole team together, from the savvy vet who won’t let anyone touch her portable blender to the kiddos who just want to play catch and suck down Capri Suns. Football season and friends go together like koozies and bottles, like chicken wings and celery sticks, and like a totally unnecessary fifth burger back at the car after a crushing defeat. It’s OK, because tomorrow is Sunday. (Or Monday, Tuesday or Friday…)

So get pumped, and on the count of three, stick your hand out and…
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When & Where to Tailgate

We’re guessing from your team license plate frame and by the fact that you named your first-born child after your school or professional football team’s mascot that you already have a rooting interest. Go you!

Maybe you even have season tickets and a prime spot in the tailgate lot just close enough to the port-O-potties, but not too close either, if you catch our drift… Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but what about hooking up with your friends who don’t possess your tailgate talents? After all, 44 lbs. of ribs aren’t going to eat themselves. Plus, you have potluck assignments to make, away games details to coordinate, and photos to share of your buddy wearing the rival team’s jersey in size Youth Small.

We’re here to handle the blocking and tackling for your next tailgate. And here is how goHappy is going to do it:

We’re going to help you set the date.

With our savvy date poll functionality, you can suggest dates for home and away tailgates that your fellow fans can vote on to maximize attendance. (They don’t even need to download the app, and that’s no small victory.) You can even dial in the specific time you want everyone to gather in the parking lot, whether it’s an hour or full day before game time. After you lock in the best time for everyone, you can manage RSVPs and send reminders to right-size your tailgate supplies.

We’re going to cover the spread.

You can’t leave your big pre-game meal to chance. With our convenient messaging capability, your tailgate crew can share what they’re bringing, taunt whoever brought the plain yellow store-brand mustard last week, and even share pictures of the tailgating plot so first-timers don’t get lost and held ransom by opposing fans for 50 slider brioche buns.

We’re going to provide the highlight reel.

What a two-minute drill… the tailgate lot was closing down and you still scarfed down two brats and put away the folding chairs with one hand. Don’t you want the photos to prove it and gloat later? GoHappy helps you organize everyone’s photos in one convenient place. And unlike big box social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, you don’t need to reveal every single saucy moment with the whole world. Watch the timeline of your season of revelry come together whenever you want by revisiting each tailgate. Grab the tissues and turn up Green Day’s “Time of Your Life;” it’s OK, no one is watching…

What to Bring to Tailgate

With goHappy, your tailgate is going to be a super-sized affair, so you’ll need to make sure you can accommodate a big and friendly crowd. Here are some cutting-edge ideas for bringing together all the fans in your tailgate group:

  • 6-Person Collapsible Bench: More cost-effective and space-friendly than a half-dozen one-seaters, this bench is must-have for your tailgate crew’s equipment manager. Let the tailgate first-stringers grill while you chill. Pro tip: the middle seat is the warmest of them all.
  • Soulra XL: After shoveling coals in the grill all afternoon and filling up multiple recycling bins, it’s time to take it easy on Mother Earth. This solar-powered stereo system boasts up to 8 hours of playback from your iPhone or iPod. (Of course, in Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Cleveland and Buffalo, expect middling solar power….)
  • Archaus Tent: Only one thing is more certain than your team blowing a 4th quarter lead. And that is your tailgate tent blowing away sometime in the 4th quarter. Here is a superior solution: a tailgate and shelter that’s a total transformer, turning into everything from a sun shade canopy when the weather is bearable to an enclosed shelter for when it’s -13F or you’re embarking on a tandem tailgating / camping getaway.

Welcome to tailgate season. In just a few weeks, you’ll forget you ever did anything productive on the weekend. But until then, it’s time for football and good friends. Oh, and defending your Tailgate Tag-Team Flip Cup Championship Belt. Time for those wrist calisthenics…

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Originally published at on August 30, 2017.

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