The No-Drama Guide to Planning Happier Holidays with Family & Friends

This is your typical stock art family. They’re always smiling. But are they really happy? With a little help from goHappy, you’ll spend the holidays happier with family, friends and the ones who matter most. Totally 100% legit smiling.

The holidays are all about traditions, from festive caroling through the neighborhood to Great Aunt Edna and Great Aunt Stella cursing at each other in Polish based over what time to sit down for Christmas dinner.

Well, goHappy can help with both of these situations without dropping a single “Debil!” or “Idiota!”

Take a moment to download the app and you’ll see for yourself.
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When the holidays are planned and done right, they can be the time of your life, no matter what, where or when you celebrate. But when there are hundreds of miles, language barriers, food allergies and more separating all the folks getting together, it’s not realistic to think the plan will come together without the right tools. GoHappy is designed to help us get together with the ones who matter most and relive those special moments whenever we see fit. This is how we do it…

1. You can pick a date without any drama.

Let’s just take Thanksgiving. And let’s pretend we’re planning for 30 family members and a few friends. But some are flying in Thanksgiving Day — and some are flying out then, too. Plus, a handful of folks are trying to “do the double,” having a turkey dinner with each side of the family. How do you pick a day in the fairest possible way to maximize attendance. With a goHappy date poll! In this way, you can easily suggest dates and times that all your invitees can vote on. Then you simply choose the time that works the best for everyone. They don’t even need to download the app, but if they do they can suggest additional times to the group.

2. You won’t end up with seven squash casseroles — and zero turkeys.

Congrats, you nailed a time and there are no hard feelings — except for that lingering dispute when Great Aunt Edna accused Great Aunt Stella of cursing her Kapusta z Grzybami (Sauerkraut with Mushrooms, it’s delicious.) With goHappy’s group messaging capability, you can create a menu, assign dishes, share secret family recipes, and even cook just enough for everyone (plus three months of leftovers) as you watch the RSVPs come in. Leave nothing to chance — and avoid long, drawn-out and inefficient group text conversations.

3. You’ll keep the memories alive. All of them.

Think about your typical holiday get-together. Memories are being made and cameras are flashing, but you’re lucky to get tagged on one blurry Facebook pic. With goHappy, everyone can easily upload photos to the same place. And you can then access these special moments whenever you want to relive the holiday revelry, like the time Great Uncle Ed dumped the “empty” gravy bowl on his wife’s head, Great Aunt Stella. But it wasn’t empty. And Great Aunt Edna laughed… Unlike the big box social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, these special moments are only viewable by your private group. Goood thing.

We think it’s time for a new holiday tradition: goHappy. We’re here to spread happiness, and we know that the holidays are one of those rare times where you’re with the ones who matter most: friends, family — and yes, even, no especially, great aunts.

Download goHappy for iOS or Android.

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