A Solution to Secure Your Crypto Investments: GOin’s White Paper is Released

We are excited and very proud to announce the release of GOin’s White Paper!

Our comprehensive and informational document sheds light on the crypto asset market and displays GOin’s compelling solution.

Out of the disruptive innovation of blockchain technologies, we believe GOin’s vision is a disruption in itself! Its implementation of efficient tokenized financial instruments constitutes a major step forward in the blockchain space. Institutional investors, as well as retail investors, will at last be able to operate on crypto markets, and thus fill the need for funds and development of concrete applications.

Because a well-designed white paper is not just another box to check, in our informative White Paper you will find valuable insights into the crypto industry, through an analysis of the state of the market today that underlines the necessity of our comprehensively explained solution and ecosystem.

Here stand the main six reasons to read GOin’s White Paper. You will find out:

1. Our vision. Who are we ? What do we think? What do we do and offer? What is our business model? You will also discover the GOki, our ERC20 utility token, and be introduced to our talented team of Advisors.

2. Our indices, the FUSEKI Indices. How do they outperform reference currencies such as BTC and ETH? How do they work and how are they fully transparent and secured? What are our different sources of market data? You will also be able to look at the historical performances of FUSEKI Indices clearly presented in various charts and data tables, as well as its constituents history. Furthermore, we depict our prospective indexing activity.

3. Our financial tokens, inspired by traditional finance, are managed by smart contracts that guarantee transparency, traceability, accessibility and security. The financial tokens will be purchased on the Platform in GOki, Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) or FIAT currencies. You will also find information on our Trackers, our Derivatives and our other Structured, or custom, financial instruments. More details about GOin’s offer of various investment strategies can also be found in the White Paper.

4. The Platform organization, which balances centralized and decentralized components, is designed to serve our mission objectives: provide security and performance. How do we establish this equilibrium? What are our compliance processes? This section of the White Paper outlines the precise overview of the organization, including the front office operations, the Research & Development team’s philosophy, and the trading principles. Also, a special focus on asset custody and security is given, notably in introducing The Open Custody Foundation.

5. The Roadmap. What are the main steps of GOin’s project? Here you will find the big picture of GOin’s plan of deployment, in chronological order.

6. The Token Sale. More information on GOKi, its issuance, its supply, its three separate purchase rounds and its schedule, amongst many others!

There are many more reasons why you should read GOin’s White Paper and we believe you will agree why GOin project will mark a great milestone for the crypto industry.

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