#2: The case of buying a new case

Thanks to my innate ability to keep friends, and their new-found fortune, I got a new mobile phone for my birthday. Ever since, I’ve been over-cautious to even handle it. But what’s the point of owning a fancy phone if you’re too afraid to even take it out of its box? So I decided to buy a mobile case.

Just like anyone my age, I first went online. Then berserk. I found the same designs across various sites, with only mild price variations. It was the same; silicon with a hole for the logo, or wooden with a varnish finish, or cheap plastic that wouldn’t even last month. The prints weren’t any better either.

Frustrated with myself and the entire philosophy of online shopping, I went offline. It did nothing to calm my irritation. Au contraire.

In this age of the rapid rise of technology, it’s a pity that we have to settle for a few templates. It doesn’t help that none of those are any good. Not to mention they seldom fit my demands.

When I buy a mobile case, I need a hole for the charging port and the headphone port. However, I don’t like having holes for the volume and power buttons. It’s almost impossible to find a mobile case that has the exact specifications I need. I had to walk in and out of dozens of stores to confirm that there’s not one style of mobile case that I like.

Sure, there are a few that are almost good — great material with holes for the speakers and the headphone port. But even then, I had to accept the holes for the volume buttons.

It made no sense. I had waited long enough to find the perfect case, and it didn’t seem like I’d find anything any time soon. And so I decided to go in and alter it myself. I took a piece of cardboard, and covered it up with a black cloth. I then pasted it on the inside of the case covering up the hole.

And it was easy, too. Only after I had patched the case did I realise that I had waited in vain all along. One small step is all I had to take, and the result was as I like it. Sure, I didn’t get an industry-standard finish. No polished, matte, look. But I was happy. I had gotten the case I yearned for. My friends raised eyebrows, but I raised my collar: At least I don’t have to live with the thought that I had adjusted my preferences for someone else.