Going Dutch
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Going Dutch

On the outside looking in

This is the phenomenon of being a foreigner on foreign land. It is made most apparent when you do not phenotypically look like the majority, and especially when you do not speak the language. But, there are also invisible cultural threads that remind you that regardless of the surface, there is also the things that you can’t quite understand.

I feel like my brain is constantly making adjustments and translations for things that I haven’t considered before. For instance:

  • Measurements: distance and height being measured in meters, with weight being measured in kilograms and grams.

I am sure that with time, all of these things will become more intuitive. At the moment, they can cause a little bit of friction in my day-to-day life. Maybe that’s just how I keep my hersenen sharp, right? 🧠



Just an American gal trying to make it in Nederland

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