Never do an admin day

Don’t put off all the shit stuff and then try and blitz it in a single day.

Admin is the name I give to all the crappy jobs that:

  • don’t excite me
  • will probably annoy me
  • have a barrier to doing them (such as finding a password for login, or having to phone a call centre)
  • are a chore because they don’t really feel like they are progressing the business, but they “have” to be done
  • etc, etc — you know what I’m talking about

My temptation, at first, was to heap all these jobs onto a to-do list, then aim to get through the whole lot in a single day — a day where I would write-off doing anything productive, and just focus on this pile of crap.

I think it was on my very first real “admin day” when I realised that I’d made a mistake trying to do it all in one sitting. I procrastinated about most of the things and ended up achieving very little.

There were too many noisy frogs; the barrier to me beginning was too high — mainly for the reasons above; I didn’t enjoy the whole day.

My strategy now is to still keep the list of the crappy admin jobs but to pick them off in smaller chunks when my energy is higher. Perhaps I finish a chunk of work early, leaving an hour at the end of the day to catch up on a few things. Or, sometimes I need a break from the thing I am focussed on, and the change of task is enough to reset that mental switch.

Piling anything up that you don’t like doing just creates a bigger pile of things that you definitely won’t like. Little and often is the key.