Consulting in the Time of Global Transformation

thorsten schroeder
Sep 10, 2019 · 2 min read
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TLGG Consulting, the consulting arm of digital business group TLGG, is taking the next step in the company’s internationalization strategy, by opening a pop-up office in the Colombian capital of Bogotá.

As they continue to establish relationships with the Latin American tech scene, a physical presence in this region is the next natural step for business development.

“The current fixation on China and the US often obscures the view on other global trends,” said Christoph Bornschein, CEO, TLGG. “Logistics, payment and value creation are global issues — that are addressed around the globe. Investors have had their sights on Latin America for a long time, Colombia in particular, especially since the Unicorn rating of the Colombian supply start-up Rappi.”

TLGG’s pop-up office is more than just a hub for networking — the consultants will also deliver concrete project work. A joint team from New York and Berlin will develop new after-sales concepts and MVP prototypes for service innovation and customer loyalty for Porsche Colombia.

“Favorable regulation, public support and a generally strong entrepreneurial attitude make Colombia an attractive environment for business innovation,” said Katrin Zimmermann, Managing Director, The Americas at TLGG. “Latin America is also an exciting automotive market in which new services can be quickly developed, implemented and tested. It’s a perfect match for TLGG.”

Since opening a New York office in 2016, TLGG has continued to think about expanding its footprint globally. “We want to continue to grow, we like to try things out,” said Bornschein. “We usually like to talk about Singapore in this context, but things are always changing and there are attractive opportunities everywhere. It’s important to stay flexible.” TLGG’s foray into Latin America signals continued growth and momentum for the consultancy and its leadership.

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