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Edwin Mohammad
Sep 16, 2018 · 4 min read
GO-JEK x Dribbble Meetup

It has truly been inspirational to see all the amazing shots on Dribbble every single day. The only problem is, not every designer on Dribbble — and in this case UI designer — elaborates on how he or she has come across all the hurdles throughout their entire journey.

Meanwhile it’s important that we, as UI designers, not only discover amazing visuals out there but also learn how to make them.

So with that in mind, we thought that it would be inspiring if we brought Dribbble to live and gave the stage to UI designers who we believed has in-depth knowledge to share their thought processes, challenges, the do’s and the dont’s to other designers.

And so we did. Brought to you here were some of the biggest secrets by some of Indonesia’s talented UI designers, their journey to making delightful designs that solve problems:

Line up #1: Dimas Wibowo, UI designer at Traveloka

Our first line up was Dimas Wibowo. This computer-network engineer turned product designer is now working at Traveloka, and is constantly improving the UI design for Local & Destinations.

According to Dimas, collaboration is the number one key in building a delightful design. This means, collaboration in the sense that you also need to pair up with other teams besides designers, from researchers, product managers, engineers, creatives to customer operations. Because by doing so you begin to view the entire ecosystem of what makes a design connect with both your brand and your users.

See more designs by Dimas on his Dribbble profile.

Line up #2: Anton Chandra, Interaction Designer at GO-JEK

Next up was Anton Chandra — our host speaker. Coming from a computer science background, Anton is now the Interaction Designer for GO-POINTS. Before that, he was deeply involved in the redesign processes for GO-RIDE, GO-FOOD, and GO-SEND.

From his learnings, usability testing plays a huge role in making delightful designs. Be prepared in showing the high fidelity UI (as opposed to hand drawn mock-ups) to your correspondents as you would then be able to see how they would interact with your final prototype.

Sure it consumes more time to create the hi-fi prototype, but the results get you to collect more valid user opinions.

See more designs by Anton on his Dribbble profile.

Line up #3: Thomas Budiman, product designer at Hanno

Our last speaker, Thomas Budiman, is a designer at Hanno, previously a product designer at BukaLapak. In his spare time, Thomas also writes for Insight Design (a sharing and learning platform for local UI/UX designers) which he found in July 2016.

During his session, Thomas shared that a designer needs to embrace both the role of a generalist and specialist. A generalist to an extent that you’re able to switch roles, for instance, from a designer to an engineer so that you know which designs work with HTML’s and which ones don’t.

If you only focus on being a specialist, you’d only care about visuals and probably end up making designs that only look cool, but doesn’t really crack a case.

See more designs by Thomas on his Dribbble profile.

In summary,

it may seem easy to create cool designs. But design is beyond “cool”. Designers should focus on brand and users, do countless research and collaborate. Zoom out on the end-to-end product development while also zoom in on each element of their design to ensure that it meets and hits all the objectives.

A huge round of applause to all the committees, speakers, and participants for making this event such a success!

And a sincere thanks to Dribbble for connecting hundreds, if not thousands, of designers all around Indonesia.

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GO-JEK Design #BehindTheScreens

We aim to help making people’s life better through design and technology.

Edwin Mohammad

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Designer | Copy hooligan @ (previously Gojek & Traveloka)

GO-JEK Design #BehindTheScreens

We aim to help making people’s life better through design and technology.

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