10 Years of Gojek in Pictures — Tracing The Hustle

For 5 years, Gojek’s identity was a call centre. A year and a half after we launched an app, we were a unicorn. 3 years later, a decacorn. 😎

Our call centre folks managing orders
Driver partner training session

It’s when we touched 100 orders. 🥳

Our 100th order!

We do over 200 million orders a month now. 😉

Things didn’t stop there. We’d do all kinds of odd jobs. Sf Diah, one of our early employees remembers knocking on the doors of various large corporates. She’d pitch the idea for a hyper-local logistics partner. We’d slowly started building relationships. Here’s a physical receipt we issued for one of the employees of a corporate, to establish the work done. We’d have a standard fee in an attempt to win business, regardless of the distance.

Our driver partner waiting at a concert queue.

For context: That’s a 1190 km trip on a motorbike. 4 days on the road! 🤯

We accepted it, because the said gentleman was going to give us some publicity, logging his experience. We hoped to get some media traction with it as well.

But, we had arrived. Battered and bruised, but raring for more.

The first app.

‘No product decision will be taken that adversely impacts our partner ecosystem’.



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Adithya Venkatesan

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