Experimenting with Flutter at Gojek

This is the story of why we decided to adopt Flutter and the experimentations done with it.

The beginning of Flutter at Gojek

#1 — Optimize for Performance
#2 — Optimize for Low End Device
#3 — Reduced App Size
#4 — Optimize for Poor Connectivity
#5 — Optimize for Native UX Look and Feel
#6 — Shared Codebase
#7 — Optimize for Rapid UX Iterations
#8 — Developer Community and Libraries
#9 — Optimize for Rapid Business Logic Iterations
#10 — Engineer Skill Sets

The theoretical angle

Image Source

Phase 1: Exploration — The Flutter Experiment

Flutter running in Gojek Android app
Flutter running in Gojek iOS app

Phase 1.5: Building momentum

Holy Grail for Adoption — Lower the barrier to entry

Building Software is a social activity



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