WhatsApp <> Gojek — An experiment

Owned media content is fragmented, and discovery is haphazard. The theory is simple — Everyone has WhatsApp. Can we reach enough people with the best from our stables?

We want to escape this loss of context, and obviously, garner more eyeballs. 👀

The inescapable

Distribution is a hard job, and requires enough marketing dollars. Here’s the simple truth: It’s just not enough to have really good content worth someone’s time. It’s equally important to distribute it to reach the right person.

One platform for us to showcase the best from our treasure trove of stories.

It’s not exactly a novel idea really. WhatsApp has been there for a while, and so have the tools to distribute via this powerful platform. What we needed was… critical mass. Enough content to pick the best, and share with our readers. And oh, some love, from folks to validate — we’re indeed producing good material that deserves a wider audience.



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Adithya Venkatesan

Brand Marketer. Twitter: @adadithya. Travel fanatic. Wildlife lover. Voracious reader. Cenosillicaphobic. Logophile. Past: @gojektech @reuters @ACJIndia