UX and Design Weekly: Issue 14

September 13, 2016

This week the GoKart Labs team found a few Sketch app gems that are lifesavers as well as a few reminders about the importance and role that principles can add to our workflow. First up is proof as to why a lot of us use Keynote to mockup interactions and concepts. Enjoy!

Protoyping in Keynote ›

A great tutorial, complete with assets, that showcases the merit Keynote has in displaying complex interactions.

8 golden rules ›

Key principles that can apply to just about any interactive system.

Sketch keyboard shortcuts

“Remove Unused Styles” if nothing else.

Sketch tricks ›

“Flatten Rotated Shapes to Reset the Bounding Box” is an incredibly helpful tip that applies to Illustrator as well.

Design Principles

Establishing these up front will save you hours of arguing the merits of one design direction over the other. For inspiration, check out these examples as well.

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