UX and Design Weekly: Issue 7

Bryan Kahrs
Lab Notes
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1 min readJun 2, 2016


June 2, 2016

A weekly share of think-pieces, tips and resources making their way around the GoKart Labs team.

A new approach to type design

Metapolator, an open web tool for making fonts, is an impressive new product that addresses the problems of traditional font design tools.

Optical alignment

A new Sketch plugin by the team at Bohemian Coding will help speed up the tedious process of aligning objects.

2,452 Miles

A gorgeous data centric site you can get lost in: “…we combed Wikipedia for every English page that links to the Miles Davis entry, which is about 2,452 articles across hundreds of topics.”

Notification strategy

Nick Babich breaks down the “when” and “why” of notification permissions.

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