GOKONG, your financial fitness coach

A little less than two months ago I became Chief Product Officer of GOKONG. When I was first approached by Rahul (CEO), I didn’t immediately see the value in a read-only app that shows me my bank and insurance information aggregated into one view. “How does this help me?” I thought. Now that I have GOKONG in my hand, the value is clear to me. I see what GOKONG is today, and what it can become, and it is beautiful.


You can measure, monitor, and track your financial fitness just like your physical fitness, so shouldn’t you?

I believe you, the user, want to be confident about your finances. You want to be assured that you are making the best decisions every day, and also long term. You want to know if you are financially healthy today, and if you will be in the future.

The world of finance is complicated, and the complexity is growing. Having an overview of your finances, which include not just bank accounts, but also insurance, pensions, and physical assets, is not an easy thing to achieve for the average person. These accounts and assets are scattered across different institutions and can be difficult to understand and interpret.

GOKONG is fulfilling not just the need to have accounts from different institutions aggregated together, but also the need to make financial fitness achievable for everyone.

…because financial fitness is for everyone

This is why we have GOKONG. I had never really thought about financial fitness before GOKONG. I know how much money I have, more or less, but not really what it means in fitness terms. Am I financially healthy? Do I spend reasonable amounts of money on things? Do I have the right insurance? What can I accomplish financially? I know I am not alone in wondering these things.

Financial fitness is analogous to physical fitness, and although there are hundreds of good physical fitness apps to choose from, there is only one GOKONG, a financial fitness coach in your pocket.

GOKONG Feature: The Activity Feed

So how do we deliver insights and tips to you? One of the most exciting elements of the new GOKONG app is the activity feed. This is a scrollable feed featured on the main page of the app (the dashboard). The feed currently displays financial fitness relevant blog posts and notifications. In the near future we will be delivering more customized content, as well as customized suggestions to help you achieve your goals and make you more financially fit!