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Chinese Banks Launch Automatic Digital Yuan-to-Fiat Conversion Tools

📣 #ChineseBanks Launch Automatic #DigitalYuan-to-Fiat Conversion Tools

👉 Chinese banks are exploring new methods of enabling digital yuan users to earn interest with “#smartmanagement” tools that can detect when funds have been left idle for long periods of time.

👉 The central People’s #BankofChina (#PBoC) has repeatedly stated that the #digitalCNY’s main reason is to function as a retail #paymentstool.

👉 Some commercial banks in the country have developed solutions that automatically convert #funds from digital yuan wallets into #fiat, which is moved into deposit accounts.

👉 Customers can customize settings on their #wallets that will allow AI and algorithms to “automatically” add digital yuan holdings above a certain amount when left idle for a certain amount of time to fiat saving accounts.

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