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Crypto Transfers Made Easy Using Mobile Numbers at Zero Cost

Invite a friend to GokuMarket, by offering to send them some free crypto using their mobile number — easy & sharing is caring! 🧧💰

July 21, 2021 — GokuMarket is proud to continuously improve the user experience and today we are enabling mobile phone numbers for registration and use to internally transfer cryptocurrencies at zero cost. Welcome to GokuMarket, the one marketplace for the blockchain economy.

Register & Login with Mobile Number 📲 🆓

The GokuMarket Super App on Android & iOS is an experience that every crypto enthusiast should take advantage of. The real-world crypto utilities and a bundle of rewards-earning opportunities will make your journey full of positive experiences and surprises. Simply register and verify your mobile number and email and login to start your journey!

Transfer Crypto FREE using Mobile Number 📲

What new features does the upgrade bring to the Community?

👉 Registration process requires verification of both mobile & email
👉 Login can be done via either mobile number or email address
👉 Each user account can have only one unique mobile number
👉 Nationality and mobile number country code can be different
👉 Existing users can add and verify a mobile number after account login
👉 Mobile numbers can be updated and verified anytime under settings
👉 ZERO FEE crypto transfers and withdrawals using mobile numbers
👉 System only allows transfers to verified mobile numbers
👉 Mobile number transfers will be used as an additional security feature

We Love To Hear From You! 👋💜

Explore the interesting real-world utility opportunities with trading, E-commerce, staking, and pre-launch offers to earn cryptocurrencies and much more. Sign up for a GokuMarket account here and download the GokuMarket Android & iOS Super App to start your journey right now!

About GokuMarket

GokuMarket is a European-licensed crypto wallet, exchange, and marketplace that offers retail cryptocurrency investors and seasoned traders solutions. The platform operates globally, with its primary markets being Poland, Czech Republic, France, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, South Africa, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador & Colombia.

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Enjoy the GokuMarket Mobile Super App experience! 👏

Sincerely yours,
The GokuMarket Team 💜



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