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CryptoPunks Creators Signed Deal With Hollywood Agents United Talent Agency (UTA)

📣 CryptoPunks Creators Signed Deal With #Hollywood Agents #UnitedTalentAgency (#UTA)

👉 Larva Lab’s popular #NFT project CryptoPunks has entered a deal with Hollywood’s United Talent Agency (UTA) for #CryptoPunks, #Meebits, and #Autoglyphs. They are planning to represent two other NFT projects to the UTA.

👉 An article from the Hollywood Reporter mentioned that the UTA would represent #LarvaLabs for mental property (IP) offers in #TV, #movie, video games, licensing, and publishing.

👉 According to data from the CryptoPunks website, the Larva Labs OG NFTs have generated a whopping $304.8 million worth of sales in the past seven days alone.

👉 #LesleySilverman, head of UTA Digital Assets, told the Hollywood reporter that it is one of the first opportunities for an IP that entirely originated in the crypto-world to enter a broader entertainment space, and they earned it.

Learn more…👇
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