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Earn Profit with the Best Algorithmic Trading Bots for Only $1 per Day 💰

GokuMarket introduces the upgraded AutoBots Market powered by Mudrex. Easy to subscribe, add capital, start earning passive income! 🚀

July 4, 2021 — GokuMarket, one marketplace for blockchain economy. For only $1 per day you can subscribe and enjoy Algorithmic Trading with AutoBots. Choose between various AutoBot Strategies in a super easy way with the upgraded user experience as seen in the AutoBots tutorial video. 😎

Algos are designed to work over market cycles, minimize risk and provide consistent returns, which is perfect for a high yield passive income portfolio. Diversifying across 3–5 algos over a period of 6–9 months should give you a steady ~7% monthly average returns.

📣 Algorithmic AutoBots Trade for $1/Day

The GokuMarket AutoBots Market was created based on the community expressing a need for more flexible and transparent trading tools with automation. We all know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly powering the trading industry and the desire for ordinary people to work with bots is becoming a necessity.

About GokuMarket AutoBots Market

“An AutoBot is a piece of intelligently programmed software that can execute trades without human intervention.” It works tirelessly 24/7 and is able to make trades much more quickly and efficiently than a trader would be able to. GokuMarket AutoBots Market essentially offers a platform where the user community can choose between multiple bot strategies depending on the bots’ algorithm and characteristics. GokuMarket’s AutoBots Market is powered by Mudrex and provides the best results to the users.

GokuMarket x AutoBots = $1/Day 💵


Each AutoBot algorithm is integrated with the reliable service provider Mudrex, that allows users the sense of trust and the best results. It helps traders to exploit the price variations between various markets.

👉 Step 1: Subscribe ✅ to a GokuMarket AutoBots Strategy

  • Fee: starting at $1 / Day
  • Payment options: BTC, ETH, USDT, and BNB
  • Periods available: 90, 180, 270 & 360 days

👉 Step 2: Add Capital & Fire-Up 🔥Your AutoBots Activity

  • Pre-requirement: Active Subscription for each AutoBot strategy
  • Amount: Minimum $150 USDT
  • AutoBot Options: various trade strategies
  • AuM Fee: not applicable
  • Multiple AutoBots can run in parallel
  • Duration periods: 90, 180, 270 & 360 days
  • Note: Minimum $150 USDT have to be in the Main Wallet
  • AutoBot History: view AutoBots performance history on each dashboard

As always, we greatly appreciate the feedback and hearing from our beloved and loyal GokuMarket Community! Please continue to connect with our dedicated team via live chat and at support@gokumarket.com. To stay up to speed on the latest news, please follow us on social media with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and YouTube and don’t forget to download our user-friendly Android / iOS app to be your partner on-the-go!

Happy AutoBots Trading! 🚀

Sincerely yours,
The GokuMarket Team 💜




Cryptocurrency Marketplace is endowing the purchasing and utility power to registered users where they can trade even using cryptocurrency trading bot at their own cryptocurrency ecommerce store.

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