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Germany: No Tax Payable on Gains From BTC & ETH Sold 12 Months After Acquisition

📣 #Germany: No Tax Payable on Gains From #BTC & #ETH Sold 12 Months After #Acquisition

👉 Germany’s Finance Ministry has released new #cryptocurrencytax guidelines with #notaxpayable on gains from BTC and ETH sold 12 months after acquisition.

👉 Until the announcement, Germany’s #ITlaw mandated cryptocurrency investors/traders to hold their assets for a period of at least ten years in order to receive an exemption from #tax.

👉 The gains generated from the sales of these cryptos after a year of not selling them will be considered tax-free across Germany.

👉 This benefit also extends to the assets invested in lending and #staking protocols as well as #mining, hard forks, and #tokenairdrops.

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