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📣 GokuMarket Credit (GMC) listed on P2PB2B for Trading! ✅ 📈

GokuMarket is excited to announce that your favorite GokuMarket Credit (GMC) is now trading at the P2PB2B Exchange — check it out! 💜

September 26, 2021 — GokuMartket Credit (GMC) will be listed and available for trading on the P2PB2B Exchange with the GMC/BTC, GMC/ETH, GMC/USDT & GMC/BNB trading pairs starting from September 28th.

📣 Why GMC listed on P2PB2B? ✅

P2PB2B cryptocurrency trading platform was founded in 2018 in Estonia. The exchange is best described as “More than just a cryptocurrency exchange platform but also a trusted partner for crypto projects.” P2PB2B exchange has listed over 200 coins/tokens with over 600 trading pairs. The exchange currently has over a billion dollars in daily trading volume.

GMC 🔥 Trading on P2PB2B 🚀

The exchange that has over a billion dollars in daily trading volume will elevate the user experience of GMC holders and give more exposure to a wider audience for trading and owning GMC tokens at the same time.

Here are some of the benefits of listing on the P2PB2B Exchange:

⚡ GokuMarket Credit (GMC) will be visible to millions of people who use the P2PB2B Exchange.

⚡ GokuMarket Credit (GMC) visible on P2PB2B for four trading pairs: GMC/BTC, GMC/ETH, GMC/USDT & GMC/BNB.

⚡ More pairs added to the live view of GokuMarket Credit (GMC) market pairs and volumes available for tracking on CoinMarketCap.

⚡ Additional historical data made available on GMC market pairs and charts that will help users in making more informed trading decisions.

⚡ Add on more real-world use cases to GMC — the world’s №1 utility token — with utilities like trading and trading fees, GMC Vault staking, swapping, e-commerce, debit cards and more to come.

Welcome P2PB2B Community 💜

GokuMarket welcomes the P2PB2B Community! 💜 Enjoy and take advantage of the GMC since you can buy, sell, earn, and shop with it on the GokuMarket ecosystem. Explore trading with the world’s no.1 crypto utility token on the P2PB2B Exchange and much more.

Stay up to date with the latest crypto news by signing up on GokuMarket today! We aim to provide a clean and simple way for everyone to use digital assets. Please follow us on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube for quick updates.

HODL & Trade GMC like a PRO on the P2PB2B Exchange!

Sincerely yours,
The GokuMarket Team 💜



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