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GokuMarket LaunchPad: Project Listing by Community Voting 🚀

GokuMarket is excited to announce that our Community now votes on what projects to accept for new listings with a wider community acceptance.

January 16th, 2022 — GokuMarket always focuses on providing added value to users and communities while helping the entire ecosystem. The cryptocurrency world is thriving with more and more new projects every day. The system grows sustainably, driving the growth of projects and empowering the industry and markets.

In order to increase the rate of success for cryptocurrency startups and promising projects, GokuMarket has made sure the project token/coin listing process becomes completely transparent and follows a governance process. The GokuMarket Community will decide which projects get listed by helping to cast votes on proposed projects.

How Does the GokuMarket LaunchPad Work?

In the GokuMarket LaunchPad Program, the community will decide which projects get listed by helping to cast votes on proposed projects in a LaunchPool. Following this process, we ensure there will be low or no barrier to entry for cryptocurrency startups, as we have waived off the listing fees and each project will reward community voters with airdrops.

The LaunchPad is divided into three parts:
👉 Listing application
👉 Voting (LaunchPool)
👉 Listing (with or without IEO & then trading)

🔥 Listing Application of Project 👋

The applicant needs to be registered, logged in, and have a KYC verified account to submit a listing application on GokuMarket. Once the GokuMarket Compliance Team has performed the due diligence on the Project, then the qualified projects are listed for Community Voting. Detailed step by step guide on how to submit the Listing Application can be found here.

🔥 GokuMarket LaunchPool ✅

LaunchPool creates innovative values, freedom, flexibility and opens the door to liquidity via voting for projects to qualify their way into the crypto industry by users, investors, and global communities.

Voting Phase: Community Votes on Projects for Listing

The GokuMarket Community will vote on each project and ensure that it gets a minimum number of votes, using the GMC Token to cast the votes. Once the Voting is completed, the token/coin is approved for listing if the minimum votes and GMC requirements are achieved.

Post Voting Phase: Community has Decided the fate of the Projects

Users can vote for the projects using GMC Tokens, and in return, they are rewarded with airdrop tokens from the project. If the project doesn’t receive the minimum votes, then the GMC Tokens used to vote will be refunded to the users and the project does not succeed in being listed on GokuMarket. All projects, currently available for voting on the GokuMarket LaunchPad can be found here.

Rewarding Phase: Voters will receive Rewards

Users who voted with their GMC Tokens and participated in the GokuMarket LaunchPool process will receive the Listed Project’s Tokens in airdrop rewards. The user can claim such rewards by visiting the Voting Rewards page here.

Additionally, GokuMarket Elite (G10 Rank) users who have staked GMC in the GMC Vault will also receive free airdrops from the project tokens successfully listed from the LaunchPool.

GokuMarket LaunchPool provides a full-service offering starting from advisory services. Our goal is to allow projects to develop and continue building a product while handling the marketing, exposure, and initial user base. If you think you are one of these projects, apply now!

🔥 GokuMarket LaunchPad ✅

Once a Project Token has received a minimum number of votes on the LaunchPool, it moves either directly to the Trading Phase or first opens for a limited time in the LaunchPad IEO Phase.

While filling out the listing application, the project owners can apply for listing either with or without the IEO before the project token is opened for trading on the GokuMarket Exchange.

IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering and gives the GokuMarket Community an additional chance to enjoy early access to purchase the listed project tokens at a discounted price during the IEO period before the token is opened for trading.

Trading Phase: Project Token is Listed for Trading

Once the LaunchPad IEO phase is completed, the Project Token will be listed for Trading on the GokuMarket Exchange. GokuMarket token listing helps worthy and promising projects to distribute their tokens to a broader audience while allowing crypto users and investors to generate attractive returns in the form of new tokens during trading.

GokuMarket LaunchPad is an exclusive token launch platform. The token projects that received the minimum number of required voters and GMCs required to qualify will be moved from the LaunchPool onto the GokuMarket ecosystem. Please be aware that we receive a large amount of project applications; therefore, we appreciate your patience. While we endeavour to process them as quickly as possible, we cannot provide any direct information if a project is qualified by the compliance and due diligence team to enter into the LaunchPool for voting.

We Love To Hear From You! 👋💜

GokuMarket has rolled out the LaunchPad with token listing processes with LaunchPool voting in an easy way for our growing community. Would you mind exploring the attractive real-world utility opportunities with trading, E-commerce, staking, and much more? Sign up for a GokuMarket account here and download the iOS or Android App to start your journey right now!

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Get your project token listed on GokuMarket 🚀

Sincerely yours,
The GokuMarket Team 💜



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