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📣 GokuMarket WiB Celebrates International Women’s Day #BreakTheBias 🚀

It was a woman who gave the lecture at the 12th Annual International Cryptology Conference in Santa Barbara, California, USA about Advances in Cryptology — CRYPTO’ 92, yet this industry is portrayed as dominated by men.

March 8th, 2022 — In the multi-trillion dollar crypto market only 7% is known to be occupied by women while the known number rises to 16% for men. GokuMarket with its initiatives like #BreakTheBias & #WomenInBlockchain aims to break these shackles and more actively level the playing field.

The gender gap in the Crypto World is seen to be both a challenge as well as an opportunity for women. With an increased representation of women in the space and inclusivity in the market, women are now blazing a trail in the Blockchain industry.

🔥 #BreakTheBias with GokuMarket WiB 🚀

With the increased inquisitiveness of women in the blockchain industry, there has been more than just a symbolic shift. The crypto industry is undergoing a perspective shift with more and more female leaders being on the face of it. This transformation has called for incredible women leading disruptive innovation to revamp the existing nomenclature for a better future.

Challenges have been a great part of any revolution. GouMarket believes women stepping into leadership roles is driving this transformative change. GokuMarket acknowledges the shackle of biases women face and appreciates the breaking of barriers in the industry. Check out this beautiful video compilation of Women in Blockchain space! 💜

🎥 Watch video now: https://youtu.be/5v3AEutzqDs

👸 GokuMarket Transforming Women in Blockchain 👑

GokuMarket believes in leading by example and in taking proactive actions that lead to change. How does GokuMarket transform the space for all the #WomenInBlockchain?

🎓 Education: Train women to use online communication tools and get up to speed with the latest trends in the modern marketing and digital world. Start off with a Blockchain 101 Course to increasing crypto adoption among women (and men).

📢 Online webinars: Get along with other WiB (Women in Blockchain) to promote, discuss opportunities, and learning with each other. Join us in Telegram here.

🗓️ Events: Regular events helps to network and collaborate with other amazing WiB.

🚀 Opportunities: We promote women’s businesses within our community.

👥 Inclusiveness: Together we are now 970k+ in the overall GokuMarket Community and growing. A community that helps you learn, trade & grow.

Become Part of the Change

On this day when the world celebrates International Women’s Day, GokuMarket invites all the amazing female investors and entrepreneurs to build new solutions on the public ledgers, shortcutting business processes to more fair and secure systems. Our campaign is an intuitive all-in-one solution for women empowerment that inspires interaction among women that share an identity or common goal!

🔗 Become Part of WiB: https://bit.ly/JoinGokuMarketWiB

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The GokuMarket Team 💜



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