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Jack Dorsey is Building ‘Web5’ Powered by Bitcoin

📣 #JackDorsey is Building ‘Web5’ Powered by #Bitcoin

👉 Block Inc. is looking to bypass #Web3 entirely and focus on a new Bitcoin-centric model for identity management.

👉 Block subsidiary #TBD has announced plans to build a new decentralized web centered around Bitcoin (#BTC), underscoring founder Jack Dorsey’s belief that the largest blockchain network will play a major role in the internet’s evolution.

👉 Whereas Web3 incorporates #blockchaintechnology and tokenization to decentralize the internet, #Web5 is being envisioned as an identity-based system that only utilizes one blockchain: Bitcoin.

👉 According to Twitter user #Namcios, Web5 utilizes ION, which they describe as an “open, public and permissionless DID network that runs atop the #Bitcoinblockchain.”

Learn more…👇

Web 🌐 http://bit.ly/358ywyu

Android 📲 http://bt.ly/2PhGUF5

iOS 📲 https://apple.co/2DJ7bqL


YouTube https://bit.ly/3oHXDBB

Telegram 🌐 http://bit.ly/2XgolES

Medium 🌐 https://bit.ly/3eGCaVE

Discord https://bit.ly/3yjEkUB

Airdrops 💰 https://bit.ly/3bDim5m

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