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Reddit Launched Waitlist for Site-wide Expansion of ETH ‘Community Points

📣 @Reddit Launched Waitlist for Site-wide Expansion of #ETH ‘Community Points’

👉 #Reddit has launched a waitlist for the upcoming site-wide expansion of its #Ethereum-based ‘Community Points’ token #rewards program, as well as a dedicated website.

👉 The #socialmedia platform, which runs on upvotes that earn users’ #karma scores, first dabbled in crypto token rewards in Dec 2019, when it launched Ethereum-based token rewards called “#Donuts” in the r/Ethtrader subreddit.

👉 In May 2020, the platform expanded the reward program to the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit with “#Moons” and r/FortniteBR with “#Bricks” on an Ethereum testnet.

👉 Similar to karma, #Redditors will earn Community Points by contributing to a #subreddit, such as creating and uploading valuable content or volunteering to moderate the community.

Learn more…👇

Web 🌐 http://bit.ly/358ywyu

Android 📲 http://bt.ly/2PhGUF5

iOS 📲 https://apple.co/2DJ7bqL


YouTube https://bit.ly/3oHXDBB

Telegram 🌐 http://bit.ly/2XgolES

Medium 🌐 https://bit.ly/3eGCaVE

Discord https://bit.ly/3yjEkUB
Airdrops 💰 https://bit.ly/3bDim5m

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