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RoyalMuseum of Fine Arts Antwerp has Tokenized a Million-Euro Classical Masterpiece

📣 #RoyalMuseum of Fine Arts Antwerp has #Tokenized a Million-Euro Classical #Masterpiece

👉 The Royal Museum of Fine Arts #Antwerp (#KMSKA) became the first #Europeanmuseum to tokenize #investment in fine art.

👉 #Blockchain digitization provider Tokeny claims the tokens are compliant with both the #Ethereum and #Polygonblockchains.

👉 The venture is a joint effort between KMSKA, #Tokeny and blockchain art entity #Rubey, with the tokens, themselves, being #ERC-3643 compliant.

👉 The ultimate goal of the collaboration is to lower the investment barriers to entry and enable everyday users to become co-owners of expensive #fineart pieces that are typically only accessible by affluent individuals.

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