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Security Firms Making it Difficult for Scammers to Get Away with DeFi Project Hacks

📣 Security Firms Making it Difficult for #Scammers to Get Away with #DeFiProject Hacks

👉 The rise of community-oriented #blockchainsecurity companies may be making it more difficult for alleged bad actors to get away without a trace.

👉 Early Wednesday, #CertiK issued a community alert regarding #FlurryFinance, where its smart contracts were allegedly breached by #hackers, leading to $293,000 worth of funds being stolen.

👉 Shortly after the incident, CertiK published the wallet addresses of the alleged perpetrator, the address of the malicious token contract, and a #PancakeSwap pair address allegedly involved in the attack, leading to a warning issued on #BscScan.

👉 While the firm audited the project’s smart contracts, it appears that the exploit was the result of external dependencies.

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