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Smooth Love Potion (SLP) Listed on GokuMarket for ETH & USDT Trading! 📈

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is listed on GokuMarket for ETH & USDT trading!💜 Deposit, Withdraw, and Trade SLP today — check it out! 🚀

September 6, 2021 — Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is listed for trading on GokuMarket, one marketplace for the blockchain economy, and trading has begun for the SLP/ETH & SLP/USDT trading pairs.

What Makes SLP Token Different? 🔥

Smooth Love Potion (SLP), previously known as Small Love Potion, is a second token issued by the Axie Infinity blockchain game, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) being the first.

SLP is an ERC-20 token, and it can be used to breed new digital pets that are known as Axies. The cost of breeding begins at 100 SLP but increases gradually, rising to 200 SLP for the second breed, 300 for the third, 500 for the fourth, 800 for the fifth and 1,300 for the sixth. Axies can be bred a maximum of seven times, and the seventh breed costs 2,100 SLP.

🚀 Trade SLP on GokuMarket Exchange 📈

👉 Smooth Love Potion (SLP) On Desktop & Mobile Wallet 🏦

All SLP HODLer can now deposit, withdraw, and store the SLP Token in the GokuMarket multi-currency wallet with multiple layer security authentication processes in place. In addition, GokuMarket has a user-friendly digital wallet where users can transfer cryptos & SLP for free using just a mobile phone number.

👉 Trade Smooth Love Potion (SLP) with ETH & USDT 📈

SLP is available for crypto to crypto exchange trading against ETH (SLP /ETH) and USDT (SLP/USDT) trading market pairs. We welcome seasoned traders and new SLP fans who can choose between Classic or Advanced trading views on the GokuMarket website or trade directly from their GokuMarket Android / iOS super app.

Crypto projects listed on GokuMarket can add more real-world use cases for their users as they continue to grow. If you know of any exciting projects, please ask them to explore and complete the GokuMarket listing application.

Welcome Smooth Love Potion (SLP) Community 💜

GokuMarket welcomes the SLP Community and everyone to take advantage of the new and user-friendly GokuMarket on- and off-ramp and explore Trading, E-commerce, Staking, and more — all in one platform.

About Smooth Love Potion (SLP) by the Axie Infinity Game

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens are earned by playing the Axie Infinity game. This digital asset serves as a replacement for experience points.

SLP is beneficial to players not only outside the game world, although it is, as it can be traded on the open market like any other crypto but also in-game. SLP tokens represent the experience points earned in battles and quests and must be spent to breed players’ Axies. It classifies the Axie Infinity game as “earn-to-play,” which aligns with the game creators’ goals of changing the gaming landscape and making earning money fun.

Official Website: https://axieinfinity.com/
Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.axieinfinity.com/gameplay/breeding
Total Supply: 2,145,135,756 SLP

About GokuMarket

GokuMarket is a European-licensed crypto wallet, exchange, and marketplace that offers solutions for both retail cryptocurrency investors and seasoned traders. The platform operates globally, with its primary markets being Poland, Czech Republic, France, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Ecuador & Colombia. We’re always looking forward to your feedback to build the GokuMarket blockchain economy stronger together!

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Email

Happy SLP Trading like a Pro! 📈

Sincerely yours,
The GokuMarket Team 💜



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