Gokyo.io: A Turn-Key Retailer Geo-Analytics Platform

We started Grepsr back in 2012, with the aim of giving users (SMEs to Fortune 500s) easy access to public data. After dealing with 1000s of customers and data acquisition projects we found one very common theme.

Most users would need to collect the data, then get the data out, and still crunch the data to get anything meaningful out of it. This meant exporting data usually as CSVs or spreadsheets, and loading them into self service tools such as Tableau or Qlik to get meaningful insights.
Then again sometimes there are millions of records and loading it is another IT nightmare. Also not to forget, keeping track of data on a monthly basis poses another challenge.

A typical enterprise user has to procure quality data (at which we excel); and load them into their favorite BI tools. The BI tools are sometimes a bit too complex for the job. Usually, all the user would want is a few analytical views on the data to measure key metrics.

If this process of extracting and loading data into a BI platform were to be done once, it would still be manageable, but what about data that needs to be procured on a weekly/monthly basis? There would be considerable amount of data wrangling on an on-going basis. Painful waste of time!

In the summer of 2017 we set out to build Gokyo.io, a platform focused on geo-location data. The aim was not to build another BI tool, but to solve some key problems for enterprises who need to work with a lot of geo-location data for location analytics and planning.

Some key goals behind Gokyo.io are as follows:

  1. Automatically get updated reliable location data on retail outlets, franchise locations, dealers, etc. on an ongoing basis. 
    Data is built in, batteries are included!
  2. Augment the data with predictive analysis and various other facets about locations such as household income, population density, etc. and present the data visually within the platform — plotted on maps, heat maps, graphs, charts, etc.
  3. Preserve historical context on the data, so that one can go back in time and see how things have progressed!
  4. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! Let all team members into the platform and consume the analytics together.
  5. Work with customers to add in their custom views, so that they always have access to the right insights to help make decisions.

We feel that with a turn-key approach to location data collection and analytics, we would be saving our customers a lot of hassle and time.

We are currently in private beta with a select few customers. Email us at info@gokyo.io if you want to sign up for a private beta or have further questions.

Check out some screenshots of our product:

Drill-down on dealer locations for automobile manufacturers
Bubble chart showing state-wise brand presence
Histogram showing state-wise presence of a particular brand
State-wise brand dealer distribution

P.S. If you’re wondering what the reasoning behind the name ‘Gokyo’ is — it’s a peak in the Himalayan mountain range! :-)