GolangCI.com is closing

Denis Isaev
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2 min readMar 14, 2020


Dear customers of GolangCI.com,

I’m sorry to say that: we are closing the GolangCI.com service on 15-th of April, 2020.


  1. The service didn’t met my financial expectations: it always was near 0 profitability.
  2. It takes a lot of time to bring excellent service to customers: communication, continuous updates, new features, etc. But I couldn’t allocate needed time for that because of primary job. I couldn’t hire a team because of financial reasons. I wouldn’t like to provide mediocre service to my customers.

What if I paid for the next month?

I will cancel all paid subscriptions, so there won’t be upcoming charges. The service will continue working for all paid customers until closing of service.

What to use instead?

We’ve made GitHub Action running golangci-lint. It’s free for any repositories and has similar to golangci.com features: it’s easy to use, it installs requested golangci-lint and makes line-attached annotations (similar to comments) for found issues.

Also, you can try using self-hosted solutions like Reviewdog or SaaS services like CodeClimate.

What about source code of golangci.com?

It was the open-source project. It’s API and worker code is here, web code is here. You can run it yourself. If you would like to get help with that you can contact me on my personal email.

What about golangci-lint?

Don’t worry: it’s not closing and it’s not going to close.

Golangci-lint is the open-source and popular product. I’m not the sole maintainer of it: we have a team of maintainers, 100+ contributors (thanks for all of you), and active community.

I’ll be happy if you will continue using golangci-lint.

Final thoughts

I’m happy that I’ve launched this project: I hope the service was helpful for you, and I learned a lot of things.

Thank you very much for using us.