A few thoughts on Gold, currency and “risk free savings” in the wake of Brexit
Josh Crumb

Money: measure of value, measure of life

Economics : fiat currency :: Physics : gold money

Measuring A Man. Image from the Economist

“Your loving don’t pay my bills”

In a Hard Day’s Night, Paul McCartney lamented, “I don’t care too much for money: money can’t buy me love.”

In She’s Leaving Home, John Lennon seconded, “fun is the one thing that money can’t buy.”

Lennon & McCartney ditched poetry altogether in Money (That’s What I Want),
“Your loving give me a thrill,
But your loving don’t pay my bills.”

Does the money saved over time retain its value to pay tomorrow’s bills?

What does your money buy?

How well money retains value over time, impacts everything; even on what money can’t buy. Has your money retained value over time? What does your money buy?

Money is a measure, a scale, a foot rule of your life. The purchasing power of the US dollar is a typical example of the deterioration in the value of paper or government fiat money.

The purchasing power of the US dollar. What one US dollar has bought since 1774. Image from DollarDaze.org

What does it you cost to live?

When measuring what it costs you to live in a government mandated fiat currency like the US dollar? As compared with measuring cost of your life in gold?

The cost of life: as measured in US dollars and in gold. Your gold savings today, protects your purchasing power tomorrow.
Gold did not make anyone rich…
Today, the currencies built on debt and false promises, unproven and illogical economic theories,
THIS money absolutely made people poorer today.
Josh Crumb, co founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Goldmoney, BitGold

Measure of value: US dollar v. gold

From 1795: the US dollar in gold. Image from SafeHaven.com

Economics : Fiat Currency :: Physics : Gold Money

Gold is perfect money because of physics; not economics

Gold is perfect money because of physics; not economics. The laws of physics are what guarantee gold’s perpetual superiority to diminishing inputs of energy, labour, time & information. Gold allows its holder transcend time through preservation of surplus. Economics : Fiat Money :: Physics : Gold

Money: a mechanism to co-operate

Everything is in our life is being disrupted by technology…Money is designed as a mechanism to co-operate….We don’t question the nuts & bolts of the technology of money….We need to question it, if it’s not working
Josh Crumb

Money: embedded information & price signals

Money has embedded information & price signals in it.
When the money itself can be disrupted through a central actor, that can remotely disrupt the price of money then we are all organizing ourselves in a manner & co-operating that is the least efficient..we’re organizing ourselves in a chaotic way.
We’re not responding to the important price signals. We’re not taking risks at the right moment. We’re not saving money at the right moment. We’re not making the long term investments that allow for the long-term economic cycles at the right moment…money technology is at the stage of breaking down.
Roy Sebag, co-founder, CEO, Goldmoney
Roy Sebag, Josh Crumb, Stacey Herbert & Max Keiser on the Keiser Report.

Gold: preserving purchasing power

Usman Mohammed protected himself from the Nigerian Naira devaluation
Democratizing people’s journey towards upward mobility. Help them preserve their purchasing power.

Measure of life

Paper money keeps buying less & less over time. Is not time to look at an alternative measure of your life? A time tested yardstick to measure your life? Like gold?

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